Many warm welcomes!

The purpose of this website is to help increase Love-awareness throughout the world. It is a simple purpose, but a very important one.

Consider a family without love for one another. Without love, it cannot live in harmony because selfishness will consume it; but if each family member cared for and loved the other members, then they would all live harmoniously and the whole family would benefit.

In truth, we are all connected as distant family members. Every one of us shares the same common ancestors. In biological and in religious history, we are all connected.

Many religions tell that we are all descendant from a great grandmother or grandfather that gave birth to the human race. In scientific biological history we are even more connected — we share the same DNA molecules with all other animals, plants, and even with other beings we can’t see.
This website, however, will not preach to you about religious or dogmatic beliefs. Instead, it will share with you ways to better your life and everyone else’s by helping you realise your true Self.

Simply by awakening to who you truly are, you will live a life of joy, abundance, growth, and personal mastery. Not only will you benefit, but those around you will benefit as well. By helping you become the best you can be, by realising your true Self, the world will benefit. You will inspire those around you to do the same.

Have you ever been around people who have a lot of fun doing what they love? It’s just so much fun watching them and being with them. Their passion and love just radiates out to the people around them. That’s because they are closest to who they truly are.

You too will find the passion and the meaning that you are looking for. You too can increase the quality of every area of your life by simply choosing to follow your heart.

By following your heart, Love will easily be recognised by you. There will be no need to convince you to always choose unconditional love.

To increase Love throughout the world, all that needs to be done is to help you find your truest-Self; that is how this website helps increase Love in the world — by helping you connect to your heart.

On this website you will find helpful articles and various other material that will help better your life. You can start by visiting the Archives page to find a list of current articles on the site.

*Note: This website does not adhere to any particular religion, spirituality, or belief system of any kind; it just focuses on the loving nature of humanity. It takes the principle of Love above anything else.


Who is the author of this website?

Roberto (Bobby) Arroyo is an individual who desires to see you live a life full of joy and wisdom. He started this website with the purpose of helping his close friends and family members live fulfilling lives and as a way of expressing his loving nature. You can read more about him on the I Am page.