Follow Your Heart (Part 1) – Choice

It All Starts with Choice

Throughout the course of your life you are presented with many choices; from what career you will pursue, to the seemingly unimportant choice of what you will have for breakfast. The decisions you make are very important in determining the quality of your life.

Say for example I choose to eat a standard American breakfast composed of toast, eggs, bacon, a glass of OJ, and coffee. What effects does my seemingly innocuous decision have? Well the white bread toast I just ate would promote constipation, preventing the proper digestion of food for about a week. The cholesterol in the eggs and bacon would stick to my arteries, starving my organs of oxygen, and over-working them to exhaustion. The “100% Natural, not from concentrate” orange juice which has been sitting in an aseptic container for up to a year, will saturate my body with more sugar and acid than a can of Coke. While my body is in overload trying to clean out all the junk food I chose to bless my body with, I decide to finish off my breakfast with a little coffee and sugar, effectively putting me into a short term coma for the afternoon.

The simple decision of what to have for breakfast not only affects your body, but the rest of your day as well. If one simple decision like what to have for breakfast can have such a big impact, what effect do you think the other bigger choices will have on you?

All the choices you face and the decisions you make will create your life. You are the designer of your own experience. You are the person who decides whether you want to have a healthy body, what you want to study, and what emotions you want to create. The choice is always yours. No parent, priest, or any other person can ever take your power of choice away. Choice always lies with you.

I encourage you to make the best decisions possible for your life, even when they seem difficult and impossible. They not only affect you, but those around you as well. Choose to love yourself by choosing the best, and forgive yourself when you don’t.

Sneak preview: on the next blog entries you will find out how to make the best choice possible and how to answer the question that many have trouble with: “what should I do with my life?” Stay tuned.

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