Does Love Ever Dissipate?


A few days ago I reconnected with my first girlfriend back from when I was 21 years of age. She had come for a visit. We went ice-skating, played board games, hiked in snow-covered mountains, and shared meals together. We have both grown older and a little wiser. We’ve both been through many difficult and beautiful parts of life.

During the time we dated, I loved her very much. We had many wonderful times together, but we ended up separating because of some mistakes we both made. Something happened though during our recent time together–I found myself feeling love for her again. Though it wasn’t a needy or romantic love. It was an innocent feeling. A love that doesn’t ask for anything in return.

In my understanding there are different types of love. There is familial love, that is love for the family; there is friendship love, what one feels for friends; and there is romantic love, the love communicated between lovers. Love at its core simply means connection.

Okay, back to the story. The night that she left, while contemplating her visit, I also remembered the beautiful and special moments I shared with my second girlfriend. Doing so I immediately realized what was happening. I was holding the frequency of love for two people simultaneously. It was a tender, affectionate, loving feeling. It’s a love that wants both of them to be okay and wishes only the best. I also realized that my love for them will never die because there is nothing to hold against them.

We all make mistakes in life because of our choices. Sometimes those choices, whether good or bad, will take us on different paths than our loved ones, and that’s okay. That doesn’t mean one should stop loving the person. True love doesn’t need anything. It simply wants to give and not forcibly take.

The best relationship you can have is one where you both realize you don’t need anything from each other. You just love.